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9. November 1923

Gustav Ritter von KahrGustav Ritter von Kahr"Hitlerputsch" in Munich. Gerlich is present at the event the evening before in the Löwenbräu cellars, because he who co-wrote the speech of Generalstaatskommissar (General State Commissioner, with dictatorial powers) Gustav von Kahr.

Following this event Gerlich turns against Hitler and National Socialism and attacks him in his paper, the "Münchner Neueste Nachrichten".


Paul Nikolaus Cossmann, supported by the newspaper, starts the "Dolchstoßprozess" (Stab-in-the-Back court case), with which he wants to prove that socialism was to blame for Germany's defeat in WW1.

1925 - 1928

bodenplatte gedenkenFloor plaque in memory of the policemen killed during Hitlerputsch Gerlich pushes through a moderate editorial policy at the "Münchner Neueste Nachrichten" and supports the foreign policy of Stresemann.